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based in Detroit.
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based in Zürich
View more We are crative agency
based in Zürich
Songs that
tell Stories.
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Making shit sound good to the people since 2017. 

We know…that doesn’t sound like that long (it took us a while to come up with the name)  But, we’ve been working on every side of the entertainment, marketing, and advertising industries for over a decade, making sure that the people who you want to speak to actually feel like listening (and just maybe buying or streaming some shit). Frankly, anything less would’ve had you on another website.

Background music doesn't exist.

We don't believe in supporting actors either (everyone is acting, right?)...but let us show you what we mean. Music, art, and the creators that craft them have a bigger impact on your bottom line than you think.

We're not quite a sync house...or a record label...or an ad agency...

Do we do music?
Of course!

Fast music search
Custom music
Sonic branding
Music supervision
Post production

But we do way
more than that.

Creative Direction
Culture Consultation
Influencer Marketing
Talent Management
Brand Consultation

But seriously, who are you guys?

Well, we were founded by an advertising executive who made music and a marketer who managed music labels and artist brand campaigns. With 25 years between the two of them, they know more than their years let on.

Want to join the team? Amazing music wanted. Join us.

Proud to craft dope shit from the beautiful city of Detroit, MI with partners like: Assemble Sound, MAPS, Marmoset, and Score a Score. 

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