We are the first call for culturally relevant, genre bending, consumer stirring creative, crafted for digitally immersive experiences that drive community impact home.

Project images courtesy of our partners at Woodward Original (Crown Royal & Kingsford) and Doner (JBL).

Thinking, writing, composing and planning earth-shattering brand stories are just a part of what we do. For more than 15 years, our team has been using culturally engaging work to bring brands, creatives and musicians together for the better.

Who We Are

Verse and Hook is a cultural foundry born in the heart of Detroit, MI. 
What does that mean? Well if you take a record label, and licensing shop, an ad agency, and an experiential marketing agency, throw in a little design shop aesthetic, and add in dashes  of talent management and artist development, you’d have a “kinda-sorta” version of everything we’re capable of. 
But to keep it simple we’re essentially this: We’re the people who know whats good, and ask “What’s good?” to brands. 
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