What We Do

There is no such thing as background music. 

Everyone always talks about the need for “Background Music.”
Background music has always been for letting people know they’re on elevators and sitting in restroom stalls. Real music is what will actually move you. We can’t remember a time where music wasn’t influencing us to become better, think greater, and use more creativity. It serves as the muse for our creativity, and helps us express our madness when necessary, taking you all the way down to the edge and showing you the right way home again. 
At Verse and Hook, we make real music. Our purpose is to eliminate the phrase “background music” and make any and every piece of content feel more relevant, and more “real” than the last. Not just like something that you slap in the background to “give it a little feeling.” 
Artists producing music in their home sound studio.
Brand Strategy
Creative Consultation
Culture Mapping
Sound Design

So now that we've said all of that.... What is Verse + Hook?

In some ways part music house, in others part creative studio; Verse + Hook is here to provide curated real music experiences crafted by working industry producers, written by talented industry writers, and performed by amazing industry talents, all curated by working industry creative directors, for brands and content creators to take their message to the masses. Listen, libraries of background music might work in a pinch, but no one's real life has background music moments. Each moment has meaning and is defined by you. We're here to help you make them sing.

Want to join the team? Dope vibes wanted. Join us.

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